Zambia Disciples Leaders in Congo


At the request of the Seventh Day Baptist churches of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Edwine Mukumbo, experienced pastor of an SDB church in neighboring Zambia, answered the call to come to the D. R. Congo and train pastors.

Mukumbo is evaluating plans for a longer mission, but first he is meeting with leaders there and doing some preliminary speaking on keys to God-sufficient ministries like:

* Involvement in community socially and in ministry
* Encouraging members to give to support the ministries of the church
* Continual discipleship for all congregation members
* Reliance on God as the sustainer and provider of our needs

Endorsed by the Zambia SDB Conf., this initial mission was financially supported cooperatively by the D. R. Congo SDB Churches and the Missionary Society. The desire of these two conferences to partner in this mission is encouraging. Please, keep in prayer this work and future SDB works in the D. R. Congo as they bring glory to God’s name.

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