Uganda Report

9/26 & 10/10/2011

Thank so much for the funds in support of the orphans and desperately needy kids in our care. They were almost dying of hunger and going with no clothing and no mattresses and blankets. We thank God for the large family of Seventh Day Baptists and we are glad to be part of God’s large family and thank you for the evident LOVE.

Keep praying, especially for the children, the HIV/AIDS patients and more so for the children we have who are HIV positive having received it from mother at birth and whose mothers are already dead. Few people are willing to help and even to touch them. The funds you sent helped a lot towards that.

The future of the Seventh Day Baptist Church in Uganda greatly depends on children. We have many and they learn and they will hold our heritage. By helping us leave them well and able to train the children, we are planting a strong future church.

Pass our thanks to all those people who have sacrificed a lot to help the Uganda conference in our desperate situation and our love to all those who support the Missionary Society. If you see people who are willing to come and work with us as volunteers in areas of helping children, nursing, teaching and construction we shall appreciate it. Uganda is a good country.

The big challenge as a third world country is people are desperately poor and some live in grass houses. It would be good if some people could help take care of individual children on a continuous basis. Each child may need $50 a month to both be in school and eat two good meals a day. If so, I can send you the pictures and the names and their problems. Many are too sick and they may not live long, but that short time they have they need food and medicines.

God bless you so much and I will write more later on.

Yours because of Calvary,
Daniel Nsubuga, General Secretary
Uganda Conference of SDB

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