Typhoon Strikes Philippines Conference

Entire villages were washed away as Sendong (Washi) pummeled south Philippines in the early hours of the Sabbath, leaving a trail of flattened homes, broken bridges and upended vehicles in the poverty-stricken country. In southern Mindanao, a region unaccustomed to typhoons, Sendong killed more than 1000 people in eight provinces. Rescuers are still searching for hundreds missing. Flash floods and landslides swept entire homes into rivers and out to sea.

Seventh Day Baptists have churches, members, and family members located in this area. You may have noticed in the Conference Services mailer a place for to give to the SDBDRF (SDB Disaster Relief Fund). If you have not already, please consider donating to the conference or to the Missionary Society to help in our united efforts to support our brothers and sisters in this time of crisis. And please, keep the victims and rescuers in your prayers.

One of our oldest conferences, the work in the Philippines includes the T.I.M.E. program for pastors, medical work, orphan support, and general Christian education. The pastors are dedicated and travel by many means to their churches. They hold vacation Bible schools and camps for the youth and Bible studies and prison outreach for adults.

The SDB Conference and Missionary Society are committed to seeing that together these funds are delivered quickly with accountability and to those that need it most.