The Good News on SDB Evangelism in Rwanda


With pleasure, I take this opportunity to inform you the good news on Evangelism in Rwanda: I inform you brother that the gospel spread so fast, I can not explain you very well; many people invite us to give them the gospel, the different groups ask us to admit as SDBs member and we are in the process, there is an increase of the believers (we prepare the baptism in 5 churches) etc.

The report below show you some explanation:



This Saturday, March 25, 2016 a group of Kigali city visited Maranatha Church SDB Rwanda, it was a wonderful Sabbath, songs, testimonies to God, sharing the word of God. The main message given by our visitors was based in Isaiah 40: 3 – 5. It was a team of 2 evangelists,  a choir composed by 6 members and 2 believers.












According to the testimonies of one visitor, Brother MUSINGA  Joel, “When we have had the information about your church (ie SDB) such as your interpretation of the Bible, your statement of belief, your organization, the practice of love of God, etc. we thought this is not true because we believe that no other people we share the same belief and the same  Bible interpretation. That is why we thank our God for this visit because He has made possible our plan, and He gives us the brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, again we thank God for you (believers at Maranatha SDB church). I note that we have the same belief over 98%. May God be glorified”.

20160331_Rwanda_20160331121320The objective of this visit this time was negotiating for membership for all their groups. In order that we can observe ourselves their practice and Bible interpretation, they asked us to visit their congregation located in Kigali town and they gave us an invitation to participate in their gathering organized in East Province / Cyanyirangegene  on 15-16 / 04/2016. Notes that we have the same request (request for Good News of Jesus Christ) from different area, such as: Burera District, Byumba area, Gatsibo district, etc.

 20160331_Rwanda_20160331121253As the conclusion of our meeting, we are:
–   Thank our God who made these miracles,
–   Thank our brothers for their love and their initiatives to visit us twice with a purpose of the word of God,
–   According to the will of God, we agreed to honor their invitation and visit several times possible;

However, we see that God opened the doors for the gospel in Kigali since this group is the second after receiving our sister living in Kigali recently agreed to join us and share the love of God together.


Pray for us so that God give us intelligence so that we can make his service and give us the strength to do His work who becomes very expanded; in other words: The gospel spread so fast. So, that requires us to work in unusual way. But, we believe that God will allow us to do what we think impossible and accomplish our mission.

Yours in Jesus Christ
SDB Rwanda Legal Representative