Below is an excerpt from a letter which inspires praise and prayers, it is from a leader in the Tanzanian SDB Conference:

“Glorious Kingdom Greetings. The visit to Kigoma Region (of Tanzania) between April 20th to 24th realised the incorporation of two Sunday Baptists into the SDB Family of Churches Here.
(Praise God!)

This include the re-named Kigoma urban SDB Church and Kaziramimba rural SDB church all with a total of 75 active members.

Pastors and leaders from other regions who were then operating under Pastor Peter Sambo Of Kigoma, said they wanted to come because the SDB visit would be a strong support for them in the light giving them hope and vision how to lead their churches forward during a difficult Financial crisis Here. 

Some could not afford to pay their way, mainly because of the geographical remote locations where these churches are, ie. those in katavi region (south west of Kigoma). Most of churches and companies in these localities operate in a cross-section of evangelical churches and without appropriate ”Credentials” they cannot hold any public events…”
(Lets help pray about these challenges)

Sincerely For Christ – Pastor R. Ryakitimbo (Tanzania SDB Conference)

20160523_Tan420160523_Tan520160523_Tan620160523_Tan7As we praise God for blessings of encouraging leaders, new churches and members in the Tanzanian SDB Conference, we pray about their challenges of finance, geographical locations and credentials.