Sheets for the Congo – Update


This campaign is to purchase 518 iron sheets to roof five SDB churches in Democratic Republic of the Congo, at a total cost of $10,360. The First SDB Church of Hopkinton, RI took on the challege and has raised $1069 – sufficient to cover about half of one of the five churches. Also, the Berlin SDB Church, NY has just committed to support our Brethren in the Congo. Rally your church to join the partnership. This opportunity to participate can be done in any number of ways: Gifts of $1, $5, $10, $20, $40,…$10,360, can be made individually or in a group. Goals can be set for different ministry groups in your church, such as the youth group or Sabbath School. Or put out empty envelopes numbered $1, $2… up to the number of members in your church and ask them to place their contribution in and return to treasurer or drop in plate… etc. With your support the five churches can be covered in no time.

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