Rwanda Flooding Recovery Report 2016



This report is for the second phase of flood recovery project Ministry, 2016. The report is not final because this concerns only food; but there is another part of the help we have oriented in home construction activities for one family who lost his house during the flood. Thus, the final report will be sent after construction of this house. The chosen family is the one who needs it more than others (even if it lived in a high-risk area, until now,” it remains in the rubble of house).
1607Rwanda_020    1607Rwanda_025
Where this family lives (photos taken during the 1st phase)

PROJECT TITLE: Flood recovery Ministry project, 2016
OBJECTIVE: Overcome the flooding challenges.

Amount received from SDB MS is USD 1,500 or RWF 1,200,000
➢ Amount used Rwf 817,500 or USD 1,021.875
➢ Amount remains RWF 382,500 or USD 478.125

Activities planned in the remaining amount (Received from SDB MS: USD 478.125 and contribution of RWANDA SDB Conference: RWF 243,000 or USD 303.75)

Items Quantity UP Total  (RWF) Total  (USD)
Bricks 3000 50 150,000 187.50
Stones FF 40,000 50.00
Woods / trees 40 2500 100,000 125.00
Nails 25 Kgs 1500 37,500 46.88
Wood door 4 25000 100,000 125.00
Wood windows 4 12,000 48,000 60.00
Workforce: Iron sheets installation, Elevation, Doors and windows installation FF 150,000 187.50
Total 625,500 781.88

Twenty SDB families (fifteen families from Nyarutovu SDB, five families from NKURI SDB) who suffer from flooding, have received support. So, each family received: Encouragement prayers, 1 sac of 15 kgs of rice, 1 sac of 30 kgs of maize flour, 6 of sorghum flour, 12.5 kg of beans and one bar of soap.

  1. List of the items purchased and distributed
Naming Quantity UP Total Price (RWF)
Maize flour 20 sac 15,250 305,000
Rice 20 sac 13,500 270,000
Beans 250 kgs 500 125,000
Sorghum flour 120 kgs 500 60,000
Bars of soap 20 1,500 30,000
Transportation 27,500
S/ Total 817,500


In collaboration with the local administrative, one family among them, benefits assistance in building of his own house during this project phase. The local Administrative provides iron sheets; the church is responsible of other materials, elevation and work force. The photos below shows the community works of Nyarutovu SDB members preparing the ground for installation of the house.

1607Rwanda_057 1607Rwanda_064
Preparation of the ground for installation of the house

The photos of the items purchased and distributed in this 2nd phase of the flood recovery Ministry project are below.

  1. Items purchased and distributed

1607Rwanda_030  1607Rwanda_035
Items purchased and distributed

III. Distribution of the support items

1607Rwanda_045  1607Rwanda_030
Unloading the items at Nyarutovu SDB            Unloading the items at Nkuri SDB

A. At Nyarutovu SDB

1607Rwanda_047  1607Rwanda_048
Distribution of Support at Nyarutovu in the church building

B. At Nkuri SDB

1607Rwanda_076  1607Rwanda_070
During distribution at the cell office (Nkuri SDB)

We are also amazed and thankful for the prayers and financial support; that is, in and of itself, a huge blessing! Our sincere thanks to all of you who are supporting the missionary society where we get help to people who need it most. “May God bless you”.

“Peace be to the brethren, and love with faith, from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Grace be with all them that love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity, Amen.” Ephesians 6:23-24

 Done at Musanze, on 12th July, 2016
Jean Karimutumye of Rwanda