Return to the Philippines – Who will go for us?


The Houston SDB Church has prayerfully and financially supported Linda Ziganay in the Putik Island mission since 1995, when she was called by the Lord to minister in her native Islands. She has made yearly trips to work with the people to establish a 7th Day Baptist church & school on Putik Island. Now she has left Houston to make her home there and start churches at Sagbayan and Pandanon Islands.

Though Linda has encountered opposition from other groups & local government officials, the Lord has brought her through it all so the mission can go forward. She has witnessed changed lives in children who are now adults. The school at Putik is fully established with teacher Archie & now Linda in residence to oversee the work. As we know, when doing a work of the heart, there may be apprehension when changes come.

Pray for the mission to grow and be aflame with the love of Jesus. Linda Ziganay has a deep eagerness to follow The Lord’s will in all of her life. She has a forgiving spirit toward those who oppose her. She lives in total reliance on God for care and direction. The Houston church will miss her and her joyous Sabbath Greeting: ”Praise the Lord!”

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~ Joyce Stillman, First SDB Church of Houston

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