Philippines Report on Aftermath

Extend our thanks from the Philippines SDB Conference to all those that have generously prayed and sent contributions to help the victims of the Typhoon Sendong which struck in mid-December. Mercifully, none of the Seventh Day Baptist congregations reported great damage to their places of worship and no actual members of the conference are reported lost in the catastrophe. However, thousands in the area were devastated by the ravages of the typhoon.

Al Paypa, a pastor and the leader of the Philippine SDB Conference, visited the most distressed area to assess the initial needs and minister with a portion of the funds they received from our conference. Because of the donations, he was able to help six families who had lost everything to meet basic needs like food and drinking water or to travel to relatives that could continue to support them. About 600 USD went directly to help with medical aid supplies for care of the injured in the Iligan City area.

With the remaining funds, about 103,000 Pilipino pesos (or $2,400), he plans on returning with food, basic commodities, Bibles, and other necessities and distributing them next week with a group of Christian doctors conducting a medical mission for typhoon victims. We at the Missionary Society appreciate Al Paypa’s detailed reporting and his as well as other Seventh Day Baptist leaders’ commitment to ministering to those in need and teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ unto every nation.

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