Missionary to Arizona – Peterson Moves to Kingman, AZ


Patty Petersen of Boulder, Colorado is relocating to Kingman, Arizona to conduct ministry work at the new SDB church there.  Patty has been commissioned by the Boulder SDB Church in association with the Missionary Society to go as a worker/evangelist/missionary to reach the lost and training others to spread the gospel.

Before the end of June, Patty will be stepping out from her church, home, and family to join the new group in Kingman. She has a passion for supporting start-up churches and has a history of significant contributions in National & International Missions.

 Please pray for her safe arrival and for blessings upon her and the new SDB church in Kingman and if it’s possible, please donate funds to support her as a full time missionary in Arizona.

You can use the information below if you would like to fund her directly through the Missionary Society.  Or, if you want to give recurring support via your bank account, you can set up an E-gifting through our denomination headquarters website: www.seventhdaybaptist.org/content/e-gifting

 ~ Clinton R. Brown, Executive Director

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