Look out for: A Walk through Life on Mission

DraftPicThe theme for General Conference 2017, as announced by President Patti Wethington, is “Life on Mission”. Patti expounded that “I believe that this focus is divinely inspired and timely for our people. It will be a journey that can be easily applied if we are willing to love and connect with those who are so very close and within our reach”. She invited us to read the book “Life on Mission” written by Dustin Willis and Aaron Coe.

The book is presented as a rich but simple guide that will help everyday Christians in the areas of gospel and mission. Its content is said to be adaptable to any context and can function well as an individual study or within a small group environment and its application will lead to an effective ministry within one’s own community. Our president also encourages everyone to acquire the book “Life on Mission” at the link: http://amzn.to/2b0ihga and that we can go to: http://bit.ly/2b0ilfQ and to join the group discussion on the theme throughout the year leading up to Conference 2017.

The SDB Missionary Society is excited about this focus and will be promoting the theme by pulling some main ideas from the book and presenting them through the Society’s social media and web site weekly, starting Monday February 27, 2017. This is to help draw attention to the vision of missions and inspire us to intensify missional actions leading into next General Conference and going forward.

“There is nothing more freeing than abandoning your own mission and joining the everyday mission of God.” – Life on Mission

Look out Monday Feb 27, 2017 for the first in the series “A Walk through Life on Mission by Garfield Miller, Missions Coordinator.