Guyana Leaders Need Training Support


 The Guyana SDB Conference, in February 2014, celebrated 100 years of existence and has taken another step to better equip leaders for ministry.

Four (4) of their leaders have enrolled in the SDB Jamaica Bible Institute, Time Program, but are having financial challenges. One student is like to drop out due to the financial burden. Support is needed to keep all four (4) students in this distance training program.

Their training, which is for six (6) semesters, started July 2013 and is scheduled to end July 2015. Each semester costs $200, an overall total of $4,800 for 4 students. The principal and a lecturer travelled to Guyana for the start of the program and have been communicating with students via the internet. Their next visit to Guyana should be July 2014.


Support is needed for the training of Guyanese SDB leaders

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