Gospel Feet 5k Run – Conference 2013


GOSPEL FEET 5K at Conference 2013! The General Conference this summer, July 28 – August 3, 2013, will be at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs and will include a 5K walk/run. This event is a fundraising opportunity to equip evangelists and pastors with bicycles, in places where walking is the main means of travel.

ON YOUR MARK! Presently, the reality is that many of our brethren can only take the gospel as far as they can reasonably walk. Equipping them with bicycles would facilitate them traveling far beyond 5K (five kilometers) to spread the gospel and promote  discipleship.

GET SET! Start saving and start training! The gospel reaching someone overseas could depend on your feet or support. GOSPEL FEET 5K will be on Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 (Wednesday of Conference) and is scheduled to begin at 7:00am. This project will be a partnership; our target is to raise as much funds as possible, putting $110 towards each bike and the recipient churches will contribute $40 for each purchased.

All can participate. This opportunity to partner in GOSPEL FEET 5K can be done individually or in a group. Goals can also be set for different ministry groups in your church, such as the youth group or Sabbath School, to raise fund for a certain number of bicycles. Also persons who are not able to physically participate could sponsor a runner. Registration fee for the 5K is $20 & 1K Fun Run/Walk for $15

GO! Will be echoed once in Colorado Springs, at the start of the 5K, and then repeatedly around the globe as evangelists and pastors take each journey with their Gospel Feet on bicycle pedals.

To register/donate and for more information go to:

Active.com and search for GOSPEL FEET 5K    

or http://www.active.com/running/colorado-springs-co/the-gospel-feet-5k-2013