DEADLINE for SCSC-2018 Mission’s Focus Application is October 13th!

Summer Christian Service Corps (SCSC) prepares students for a summer of ministry, as well as for a lifetime of Christian Service and Leadership by focusing on the following areas: Leadership, Spiritual Development, Theology, Christian Education and Evangelism.

Missions Focus: The Women’s Board/SCSC continues to partner with the Missionary Society to offer an international missions focus which is available only to veterans (vets) as it takes previous SCSC experiences and applies them to a different cultural setting. It also has a heavier pre-training workload as the Perspectives course is required to help facilitate working in an international setting. Candidates must be SCSC vets and still eligible for SCSC (i.e. not yet completed senior year of college as of the application date)

Application Forms are now available for SCSC-2018 Mission’s Focus candidates at the SDB Women’s Society Website!  You can read more and apply HERE.