Compassion Ministry in Cameroon

Because of donations received, the Missionary Society has been able to send funds to SDBs in the Republic of the Cameroon for their Compassion Ministry. Recently we were able to send $199 or (114,273.40 XAF) which they used to minister in a destitute rural community. Below is their response:

“We have received with joy, your ever swift intervention to have the “Lord’s train of the gospel of evangelism move on no matter what. On our receipt of 114.273 francs. We immediately made plans to move to Ikata area in two groups with the gospel of Jesus Christ and material needs for destitute as follows: 50 bread, 63 kilos of Rice, 20 pair of shoes, 20 clothes, 16 Bibles…We were joyously received by the community and then wished us to come back again. May He grant you Grace as always in Jesus name, Amen”Rev. John Mpako

Here are some pictures Rev John Mpako also sent:

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Rev John Mpako asked that we pass their gratitude to the donors who made this possible.      Our SDB Brethren in Cameroon continue to seek our support as they minister to their communities.

~ Garfield Miller, Missions Coordinator, Jamaica

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