Call for Discipleship Trainers


You may have heard or seen pictures on line that I have recently headed off to eastern Africa, On this trip, I was able to meet with Seventh Day Baptists in South Sudan, Ethiopia, and Malawi.

Each expressed desire for physical help with ministries, like construction of ministry facilities, or funds for transportation or communication equipment. But the priority need they expressed in each country was for educated pastors and leaders to commit to come and share what they could. They thirst for more biblical training ranging from fundamental beliefs of Seventh Day Baptists to leadership, youth ministry, and pastoral training.

The leaders in these countries and others have urged me to return to the states and encourage the USA & Canada leaders to be examples for their congregations…for them to commit to GO where their talents are being called.


So that is what I am doing. If you have talents that you feel God is calling you to share for some amount of time, short or long, start praying for confirmation and contact me about opportunities to put them to use. If you do not feel this is your calling, start praying for others that they may have the courage to step out in this ministry, and for ways that you can help them answer this call.


To help support SDB missions ministries send donations to:
Seventh Day Baptist Missionary Society,
19 Hillside Ave., Ashaway, Rhode Island 02804