Brazilian Parsonage Project


In the January 2012 Sabbath Recorder (page 24) there was a picture of a man standing looking at a building with a caption of “Is he looking at the building because…”  The man is Pastor Sidnei (Sidney) and he serves the SDB church in Canoinhas, Brazil.  I met him in January 2009 and  I can tell you that he is a man of strong faith and has a heart for evangelism.  But what a compelling story this man can convey within a very short time span!  Let me tell you a little bit about it.

Pastor Sidnei has taken small churches and helped them grow.  The church he now serves started with nine faithful members and now has 100 and an average attendance of 130!  He broadcasts a radio show that airs every Sunday at 6pm that proclaims the Gospel of Salvation through Jesus Christ.  They have planted a branch church in the neighborhood west of the city of Canoinhas.  The SDB Church cooperates with other ministries and they collaborate with an institution that helps drug addicted people recover.

Over  the past three years the Canoinhas Church has raised up new pastors.  There are currently five pastors serving SDB churches, and nine more in the Brazilian T.I.M.E. program administered by Pastor Jonas Sommer.  Because of Pastor Sidnei, there is a noticeable characteris­tic in the pastors; it is their strong passion for evangelization.

However, with all the great ministries that Pastor Sidnei is involved in, there is an area that he could use our help.  It is the parsonage that he lives in.  None of us would ever choose to live in the conditions that Pastor Sidnei and his family do.  Homes in Brazil are nothing like homes here in North America.  The current parsonage was built in 1992, using wood from an old house.  Over time it is now in a terrible condition.  It is literally falling in.  It offers risks to the people living there.  The state of the house is critical and there is no alternative but to demolish it and to build another one.


Central (MD) S.D.B. Church has become a partner with the Brazilian SDB Conference to help build a new parsonage.  Many may might  think with such a large membership they can surely support this endeavor.  But the fact is, they do not have those kinds of funds.  The focus of this project is to build a 3 bedroom parsonage at a cost of about $45,500 US dollars.  With the help of the Brazilian Seventh Day Baptist Conference, they have purchased the land for this new house. Once we have sufficient funds, the Church people will be able to set the foundation, construct the walls, and build the roof.

A second stage, would be scheduled so that physical help from North America would come to Brazil for two weeks to assist in doing the following work: laying floors; Plastering; Painting; Electrical and water installation.  We would stay at the church and all meals would be supplied.  During the day we would work together and every night we would perform missionary activities at the church and its branches.


Central’s Sabbath School Mission Offering for October through December will be designated to this project. We are challenging other Sabbath Schools, etc, to do the same. Will you help us in this way, or be willing to take a special offering? We thank you in advance for your support.

Funds should be sent to The Seventh Day Baptist Missionary Society, 19 Hillside Avenue, Ashaway, RI 02804, designated for the “Brazil Parsonage Project.”

~ David L. Taylor, Pastor

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