A Sustainable Project – Rwanda


The SDB Rwanda Conference has embarked on a sheep breeding project – “Blessing a needy family with a sheep to be a blessing to others”. One sheep can change the financial situation of a poor family through reproduction and use of manure to increase agricultural production.

The objective of the project is to improve the lives of believers with a view to spreading the Gospel in the Western province of Rwanda.

With the support of other SDBs the Missionary Society facilitated $1,080 so far going to this livestock project; providing 19 sheep. The Rwanda Conference is monitoring the program, it is projected that with good nutrition and the expertise of veterinarians each sheep will multiplied to 22 in 3 years. 3 sheep from each beneficiary will then be returned to the church; 1 to be redistributed to another poor family and the other 2 sold to fund Evangelism.

A great example of a sustainable project for developing world churches!

“Our storehouses will be full, providing all kinds of food. Our sheep will multiply by the thousands and fill our pastures.” – Psalm 144:13

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~ Garfield Miller, Missions Coordinator