Zambia Team 4 Takes Off


Zambia Team 4 begins journeyDon’t forget: These guys are heading out today! Garfield Miller writes: “…checked for the first flight and all is well so far. Nick (Kersten) and I will meet in Atlanta at the gate to SA.”

Keep them in your prayers at they wing their way to South Africa then on to minister in Zambia.  It’s long flights and they have several long days of intense training
in a foreign land to give before they can begin their trek home.

20160328_Team4_IMG_3304UPDATE 3/29:  Got word from Garfield again: “We are in South Africa checked in and resting up for tomorrow’s journey”.

UPDATE 3/30: Nick follows up with: “Back to the airport! Excited to arrive in Zambia!”


UPDATE 3/31: Garfield writes: “we arrived in Zambia from South Africa safely and had the first day of training. Nick and I believe things are going great based on what the objectives are and what God has laid on our hearts. I have attached a few pics.”