Zambia Comes to Conference 2016

bannor_MiniConfVisit1607At General Conference meetings in Houghton, NY this year, we are expecting a special guest of the Missionary Society from Zambia.  The General Secretary of the Zambian SDB Conf-erence, Quistin Chalwe, plans on being with us for the full week July 31st – August 6th meetings and activities.  Quistin is the host coordinator for the T.I.M.E leadership training program that has been taught by leaders from the USA, Jamaica, and New Zealand.  This includes the newly returned Dustin and Jonathan Mackintosh brothers from Colorado.

Make sure to visit one of the Missionary Society Conversation with Executive sessions to get to know a little about his ministry.  Or you might try to catch him on the early Friday morning Gospel 5K Run as we to raise funds to finish the T.I.M.E. training program strong.

Please pray that Bro. Quistin has a blessed journey from and back to his home, and that he is soaked in Christ’s love by his extended SDB family.

“Receive him then in the Lord with all joy, and hold men like him in high regard” Philippians 2:29

~ Clinton R. Brown, Executive Director

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