SDB Pastor’s Aunt Now Safely Out of Sudan


The Missionary Society in October 2013 received a request from Mading Bol, a Sudanese SDB Pastor in Anchorage, Alaska, for $600 in order to help rescue his aunt, Nyeleak Malual Bilew. Her husband a soldier in the South Sudan army had died and she was stranded in KHARTOUM, SUDAN and needed to get to JUBA, SOUTH SUDAN to reconnect with her 5 children who were in Gambella, Ethiopia with relatives. This situation was challenging because there was a war going on, the border had strong military presence and money was required to travel across, into South Sudan.

The Society was not able to given the requested assistance because the vast majority of funds in its custody are designated by donors to particular projects or mission/evangelism specific purposes. That being the case and not really being a missionary effort, this request was put before the general population of the SDB Conference and the needed funds were received and sent.

Pastor David Stall of the Missionary Society while in Ethiopia, February 2014, was sought out by the daughter of Nyeleak Bilew. She expressed gratitude on the behalf of her family that her mother is now safetly out of Sudan and  reconnected with her children.

Your support in prayers and funding made this possible.

Thank you for all you do.