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The AKAYANGE SDB Church, located in the East Province of Rwanda, earlier this year launched a project to complete the building of a worship facility and solicited assistance from the SDB Missionary Society. This church is a relatively new congregation (started in 2014) having approximately 73 members; 32 males and 41 females. The members of the church pulled their resources together and with the support of SDBs in USA and Canada, were able to raise approximately US$635 (425, 500 Rwl). The report now is that the worship facility is mostly completed. It is roofed with iron sheets and elevation 90% complete. Praise be to God!

“In the name of SDB Rwanda conference in general and Akayange SDB particularly, we thank so much SDB MS (Missionary Society)…This building will facilitate us to share God’s love in this region;” – Jean de Dieu KARIMUTUMYE, SDB Rwanda Legal Representative.

The final phase of the project

The Missionary Society is grateful for the support from across the US and Canada Conference towards this project and thanks God for the progress on The AKAYANGE SDB Church building. A little more work is left to complete this project:(1) Construction and instillation of doors and the windows; (2) Equip the church with the necessary furniture and instruments. The Society is pleased with the good follow-up provided about the progress of the construction and encourages donors to support this project to completion. About another US$450 (324,450 Rwl) is estimated to be needed.

Your support can add to the reasons to praise God in Rwanda.

“Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you, brother, have refreshed the heart of the saints.” – Philemon 1: 7