Prayers for S. Sudan Refugees in Uganda

20160724_SSudanInUgandaPhoto courtesy of The UN Refugee Agency

Please, pray for those receiving ministry and those ministering in this challenging situation.  Uganda SDB Conference General Secretary, Daniel Lubuto writes:

  The Southern Sudan conflict that erupted again recently has left many people stranded and with little hope of survival. The Uganda government managed to bring to safely thousands of its citizens on Friday July 16, 2016 and yesterday from the Capital Juba to Elegu in Northern Uganda but many are still left in Southern Sudan.  In the same evacuations so many stranded Sudanese found their way to Uganda.

Pr. Francis Ovulu The representative of The Seventh Day Baptist church in the Northern regions said ” I witnessed the arrival of the convoy at Elegu border town”  mobilized medical kits, 7 Cartons of water  and packets of biscuits which fed close to 200  children. The other three pastors also responded very fast as well. The Chairman LCV Gulu Hon Martin Ojara Mapenduzi gave an ambulance from the District. It’s a pleasure that our pastors were part of the distributor of relief, though they had very little. A one Dr. Katie administered treatment to hundreds of people who had different cases ranging from wounds, malaria, labor pain and shock.

We thank Pr. Fred Musisi who was also quick on our behalf to travel to North Uganda and also Pr. Francis and the six SDB volunteers who deeply helped children breast feeding mother the wounded and traumatized.

One may wonder why Uganda,  Other countries do not accept refugees, easily may times are sent away yet in Uganda safety comes first. its the reason they come to Uganda, Imagine when unrest was in Burundi many ran all the way to Uganda.

I write to request for your prayers in the situation around the people and also for our pastors who are now helping in the disaster.  Pray that the war also stops. Pray for providences especially for children and young girls some of which have been [abused] and others in situations when they [basic hygiene supplies].   Let the entire world pray for the refugees stranded in Uganda.

Yours in The blessed living hope,
– Daniel Lubuto,
General Secretary, SDB Churches of Uganda

Fred Musisi with Johnmark Camenga in Oct 2016

Clint Brown with Daniel Lubuto family in Oct 2016