Orphans in Uganda

August 10, 2011

Uganda orphan boy 2011

Over the past 20 to 30 years the country of Uganda has gone through many divisive and devastating conditions. It ended a few years ago with a coup that placed the present government in control of the country. During those many years they had civil war the population of the country decimated.  A large portion of the male population was killed during this war leaving the women to fend for themselves. This situation was not very good in that the women were not trained FOR  EMPLOYMENT and many of them turned to remarriage as a solution. During the past 10 years they were faced another plague.  HIV/Aids became rampant among the surviving population. So, between the war and the Aids epidemic many died. This resulted in many children left as orphans. Since the government could not help, the population, as a whole, supports these children. The children live on the streets and accept what little contributions for food and clothing that was provided by the community. They sleep where ever they can find safety and warmth. The churches and other NGOs took on the job of trying to support the children. The SDB Churches in Kampala and the surrounding area took the children in to provide education and support to the best of their abilities. The Missionary Society has accepted donations for their care and sent them funds as they arrived at the MS office.Uganda Map

It was not very much but was helpful in both education and support. Some funds were being gathered in Uganda as well. Now funds in Uganda have become tighter and they have run short of funds for food for the children. Some have died from disease and many are weak from the lack of food. In their weakened condition they cannot fight off diseases very well.

The churches in Uganda are requesting funds to help feed the children. They are very good about spending the funds we send them for the purpose for which they are sent. The children live on a cup of rice soup per day when it is available.

Please, consider donating, even a dollar or two would be appreciated.  Send your donations to the Missionary Society designated for Uganda orphans. Thank you.

~G. Kirk Looper, Executive Director
Seventh Day Baptist Missionary Society