Missions Series #12 – Next Steps


As we have worked our way through the Bible, focusing on God’s heart for all nations, I hope you have become convicted that it is each believer’s responsibility and privilege to be actively involved in some way. But what does that mean for your life, right now? Below, I have compiled a list of 30 different ways to participate in God’s global plan. Please prayerfully read over these and choose at least 1 thing that you will commit to do in the next 6 months. Then, if you are willing, send a short note at (http://www.sdbmissions.org/contact) stating what you have committed to do. I will send you a response in 3, and then 6 months in an effort to encourage you in your commitment.


  1. Pray through Operation World, a book which highlights a different country every day.
  2. Spend one day a month (or week!) fasting for the unreached, a country, a people group, or a missionary.
  3. Find a prayer partner or form a prayer groups and pray together for missions once a week.
  4. Pray for guidance in how your local church can be strategically involved in God’s work reaching the unreached.
  5. Attend your church’s prayer group and ask if you can lead a missions‐focused time once a month.


  1. Sign up for a Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course or order a five‐week Vision for the Nations course on DVD for your small group from (www.perspectives.org)
  2. Study an unreached people group on Joshua Project’s (www.joshuaproject.net) strategic list.
  3. Pay attention to international news.
  4. Attend a missions conference in your area or a larger one line Urbana (www.urbana.org).
  5. Find out what SDBs are doing around the world at (www.sdbmissions.org) or (www.sdbwf.org)


  1. Go on a short‐term mission trip.
  2. Visit a missionary you already support.
  3. Be an exchange student.
  4. Use your business contacts to live and work overseas for a few years.
  5. What do you do for work now? Do it among unreached peoples!


  1. Adopt a missionary and/or missionary family—remember them on holidays, birthdays and other special occasions with at least a card. Be sure to remember the kids’ birthdays, too.
  2. Commit to give monthly financial support to someone you know who is going to the field.
  3. Carefully consider which short term trips to support.
  4. Help missionaries debrief by listening to their stories and reconnecting them with their home culture when they return.
  5. Financially support a missionary-sending organization that focuses on unreached people groups.


  1. Volunteer to speak English every week with an international student.
  2. Invite an international student into your home during the holidays (www.isionline.org).
  3. Host and exchange student.
  4. Join/start an international ministries program in your church, town, or school.
  5. Research agencies that help in placing refugees in your city. Regularly volunteer with one of these agencies to house refugees, help them get settled and adjusted to the new culture.


  1. Volunteer to teach a missions session at Sabbath school, Vacation Bible School (VBS), or children’s church.
  2. Be on your church’s missions committee.
  3. Take a friend when you volunteer with internationals.
  4. Find praise songs that speak of God’s love for “the nations” and ask your church musicians to add these to their repertoire.
  5. You certainly have a story to tell, and experience to share, so do it! Don’t be pushy but don’t be shy about letting others know the need you have seen and the possibilities to serve.

For videos and more ways to serve, go to (http://omf.org/us/6-ways/) or contact the SDB Missionary Society at (www.sdbmissions.org)


For God’s Guidance – “…We ask God to give you a complete understanding of what He wants to do in your lives, and we ask Him to make you wise with spiritual wisdom” (Colossians 1:9, NLT).

For open Doors – “Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ,…” (Colossians 4:2–3, NIV).

That God’s Word Will Spread  – “Finally, dear brothers and sisters, I ask you to pray for us. Pray first that the Lord’s message will spread rapidly and be honored wherever it goes.…” (2 Thessalonians 3:1, NLT)

– Miriam Berg

The preceding is the final of twelve lessons. We started in Genesis and worked our way through the Bible. Download powerpoint version of this and the entire series here: lesson 12, lesson 1, lesson 2, lesson 3, lesson 4, lesson 5, lesson 6, lesson 7, lesson 8, lesson 9, lesson 10 & lesson 11