Haiti Church Construction

Haiti Congregation Starts Well But Needs Help To Finish
– Nov 2011

Recently, I was reminded of a project directed by Andrew Samuels, the pastor of the Miami Seventh Day Baptist Church. He is leading a continuing effort to build the first place of worship and ministry for Seventh Day Baptists in Croix Des Bouquets, Haiti. Though their pastor Jean Lucas Julien has faithfully shepherded the congregation since 1994, they have never had a building of their own.

Funds have been generously donated from across our conference to help them start building and construction began in July of this year. A well-constructed place to operate their ministry in a country so shattered by destruction and poverty will be a real blessing for that SDB congregation and to the community in which they serve.

This project still needs a few thousand dollars to see it to completion. At this time of year when we reflect particularly on how much we have been blessed, we would ask you to consider if there is any way that you can support them through prayer or donations. It would be greatly appreciated.

Funds may be sent directly to the Miami Seventh Day Baptist Church at:

10185 NW 7th Avenue
Miami, FL 33150
(Or through designated donations by way of the SDB Missionary Society.)

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