Gospel Feet 5k Bikes Already in Action


Some advance proceeds from the Gospel Feet 5K event scheduled for the USA & CAN General Conference meetings on July 31st are already being used to spread the Gospel and minister through SDBs in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.    Links for downloadables to share click HERE.

See the Newsletter report from their National Coordinator, Kabange Numbi Fidèle:

The distribution of four bicycles to the staffs of the Local SDB Church in Lubumbashi: Deacons, Evangelists, Youth and Ladies.   These precious and indispensable tools (bicycles), which will help these groups of servants of the Lord Jesus in spreading the Gospel of Salvation in various isolated and remotes areas. They were previously travelling painfully without any kind of transport, but now they will start easily reaching lost souls in different villages for Christ, with the only aim to bring glory to God and to His begotten Son Jesus Christ. So let us pray for them and for the lost souls.

Yours in His harvest,
Rev. Kabange Numbi Fidèle, National Coordinator
SDB General Conference of D.R.CONGO


An Evangelist was accompanied by a deacon to share the Good News in Lwisha village situated at 70 km from Lubumbashi.  That was their first trip with these indispensable tools (bicycles). They organized an open-air evangelism; according their report, 9 lost souls found salvation in Jesus Christ, it is a great encouragement to us all as we were praying for them and for all who sponsored the cost of these bicycles.


After one week, ladies travelled with the great aim to reach lost souls for Christ in Mwapoleni village situated at 38 km from Lubumbashi, it was amazing as they are so motivated deeply to lead others to Jesus!

They went many time in that village to evangelize when they had not these kinds of travelling, now they are so glad as they travel easily, they distributed also some of the Gospel tracts which we have printed, which was translated in French & Swahili by Brother Davis and Daniel. Unfortunately we do not have funds to cover the printings of many copies of them. But we praise our Lord Jesus for 4 women who found faith in Christ in this journey.


The youth in our SDB are so active in evangelism, too. This last Tuesday, these youth went in Shinangwa village at 80 Km from Lubumbashi.

They were so interested to share the Gospel of Jesus with people of this Shinangwa village, they stayed there for 2 days in great and active evangelism.  In Shinangwa there is not many Christians because, you cannot find a public transport, so many evangelism fail to reach this area as they have not their own transport. So these people of this village were so surprised to be visited with the SDB Church’s youth to share with them the Word of Salvation in Jesus Christ; unfortunately they did not experience a conversion of a lost soul, but we still praying our Lord Jesus Christ to touch their hearts to meet Christ as their personal Savior.

Please, let us pray together for this great harvest, and trust us as you continue to sponsor for the cost of others bicycles for remaining SDB Churches situated approximately beyond 700 Km from here.


Links for downloadables to share click HERE.

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