South America

Focus Article: BRAZIL MINISTERS WITH MUSIC IN AFRICA (Sabbath Recorder, June 2018)

Two Brazilian musicians were confronted with the prospect of going to Africa to share their talents with SDB young people in Malawi while waiting for flights leaving the Seventh Day Baptist World Federation meetings in January of 2017 . The Miranda family had just finished ... Read More

Focus Article – I am God’s Favorite (Sabbath Recorder, Oct 2017)

This year in June, I had the privilege to travel with Saul Alonzo, SDB pastor in the Washington, DC, area, to visit Christian brothers and sisters in Quito, Ecuador. The believers there have allied for the last several years to translate SDB Helping Hand materials ... Read More

Alonzo & Brown to Visit Ecuador, South America

Prayer is being requested for Brothers Saul Alonzo (a member of the Central SDB Church in Maryland) and Clint Brown (Executive Director of the SDB Missionary Society) as they prepare to jet off on a missions trip, to connect with believers in Ecuador, as ambassadors of the SDB ... Read More

FINAL CALL | Guyana Medical Mission 2017

For anyone thinking of joining this mission, we really need you to inquire now.  The Medical Missions Trip to Guyana is scheduled for July 20-28, 2017.  The emphasis is on screening and prevention for Diabetes related illnesses. Though there is room for more nurses, doctors, ... Read More

Guyana Medical Mission 2017

Members of the Washington DC SDB Church, Avis Kelly & Elnora Andres, pressed by the great need in Guyana and prompted by the Holy Spirt are planning a medical missions trip to Guyana for July 21-28, 2017. A significant focus will be addressing Diabetes related ... Read More

Focus Article – MY YOKE IS LIGHT (Sabbath Recorder, April 2016)

04/18/2016 While sitting on a porch at Camp Glory in Georgetown, Guyana, we had a moment.  We were appreciating the beauty of God’s sunset, drinking a cold drink (a rare commodity in Guyana) when it sank in that God’s yoke is much easier than our ... Read More

New Brazilian Parsonage Built

01/14/2015   The Brazilian SDB Conference was able to complete the construction of a new parsonage with the assistance of US and Canadian SDBs. The Central (MD) SDB Church partnered with the Brazilian SDB Conference to build the new home to be  occupied by Pastor ... Read More

The Mazza Family Missions Trip a Blessing

09/04/2015 In response to our promotion of “FAMILY MISSIONS OPPORTUNITY” the Mazza family of five and a close church brethren (Carla Burlingame) all of the Shiloh SDB church, NJ made the trip to the Guyana SDB summer youth camp August 2-10, 2015. After they returned ... Read More

Taylors Prepare for 5th Ministry Visit to Brazil (Fall 2015)

07/08/2015 Good Morning from Bowie, MD; In January 2009, Margaret and I made our first trip to Brazil. During those 11 days, I had the joy of speaking to pastors and leaders during their Brazilian SDB Conference sessions, and then we took the opportunity to ... Read More

The Gospel for Rio 2016

06/18/2015 A team of SDBs are planning to travel to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2016 to share the gospel with people who will gather from all parts of the earth for the Olympic Games. The plan is to direct new converts and enquires to ... Read More