Irrigation Farming Project – Tanzania

Drought is badly affecting people in north-west Tanzania. SDBs there are taking steps to farm using the limited water they have. They report that since most SDB families did not have any spare   food from last year, hopes are diminishing for 2017, as the lack ... Read More

A Motorbike for Ministry – India

The SDB Missionary Society is seeking support for the SDB Conference in Andhra Pradesh, India with their project to acquire a motorbike for ministry.  Andhra Pradesh is one of 29 states in India, on the southeastern coast and SDB pastors there must travel to far ... Read More

Rwanda Youth Vocational Training  

The SDB Conference of Rwanda is seeking assistance to empower their youths  with skills so that they can earn for themselves. They are experiencing a very high level of unemployment among the youths, which results in additional burden on the church instead of contribution. It ... Read More

Rwanda Hymnals Update

On February 11, 2017 SDBs in Rwanda, for the first time, were able to have worship with their own hymnals. This was realized with the support of SDBs in Burundi , Tanzania & Uganda, as well as the SDB Missionary Society. They were able to ... Read More

Zambia Chicken Sustainable Project

Poverty is a major problem in Zambia and this project will improve the lives of many in the SDB family; providing food and resources for basic living and ministry. This project will be sustainable and revolving. Beneficiaries will be provided with training, 5 chickens (1 ... Read More

Sierra Leone MCC Update

Our SDB Brethren in Sierra Leone facing challenges with not having their own place to worship, have embarked on the construction of a multipurpose building; the   Maranatha SDB Conference Center (MCC) and are seeking partnerships to complete. The building, to be their conference’s headquarters, has ... Read More

Help Construct Worship Centers

SDBs around the world are laboring to build and establish worship centers, as they seek to bring God’s glory to their communities. In Burundi they have started on a plan to make 150,000 baked building bricks; 30,000 to be used to build a house for ... Read More

Rwanda Flooding Recovery Report 2016

REPORT OF MINISTRY OF FLOOD RECOVERY PROJECT, 2016 INTRODUCTION This report is for the second phase of flood recovery project Ministry, 2016. The report is not final because this concerns only food; but there is another part of the help we have oriented in home ... Read More

Rwanda SDBs Hold Evangelism Seminars

REPORT OF SEMINAR FOR EVANGELISTS PROJECT, 2016 INTRODUCTION In collaboration with the Seventh Day Baptist Missionary Society, the Seventh Day Baptist Church in Rwanda organized an evangelical seminar held at Maranatha from 5th to 07th August 2016 for pastors and evangelists. The objective is to ... Read More


06/09/2016 The annual 5K run/walk at General Conference is geared towards raising funds to aid with missions. This year, funds raised will again go towards the project started last year, training SDB Leaders and Pastors in Zambia. Last year, from participants and supporters $4,700 was ... Read More