Focus Article: BRAZIL MINISTERS WITH MUSIC IN AFRICA (Sabbath Recorder, June 2018)

Two Brazilian musicians were confronted with the prospect of going to Africa to share their talents with SDB young people in Malawi while waiting for flights leaving the Seventh Day Baptist World Federation meetings in January of 2017 . The Miranda family had just finished ... Read More

Focus Article: YE ALL ARE GOING TO DIE (Sabbath Recorder, March 2018)

Maybe not this week or next, but if Jesus’ return does not preempt your time here, then your body in this broken world will fail and you will stop being counted among the living. We often try to pretend otherwise despite the regular reminders and ... Read More

Focus Article – The Good Knights (Sabbath Recorder, Jan 2018)

Summary (A Children’s Missions Message) A lesson to illustrate that obedient servants follow the instruction of their master, and we have all already received specific instructions from Jesus.   Introduction Good morning, young people! Today we are going to talk about Kings and Knights. Has ... Read More

Focus Article – A Walk with Jesus in Cana (Sabbath Recorder, Dec 2017)

I have heard and experienced that it is challenging to hold unforgiveness, hatred, or generally bad feelings towards someone if you are praying for him. I had an experience in Lebanon that I believe gave me some insight into caring for others like Jesus does. ... Read More

Focus Article – I am God’s Favorite (Sabbath Recorder, Oct 2017)

This year in June, I had the privilege to travel with Saul Alonzo, SDB pastor in the Washington, DC, area, to visit Christian brothers and sisters in Quito, Ecuador. The believers there have allied for the last several years to translate SDB Helping Hand materials ... Read More

Focus Article – Three Little Churches: A Cautionary Tale (Sabbath Recorder, January 2017)

Once upon a time, I took trip to do some ministry work in an economically challenged developing world country. While there I met another man on mission named Brian Winzenried. Brian shared that he made regular visits to the land where I was visiting and ... Read More

Focus Article – MISSIONS: A CATALYST TO SPIRITUAL GROWTH (Sabbath Recorder, December 2016)

Travelling to another country, living with and proclaiming the Gospel to unfamiliar people can be scary and difficult but usually purpose-filled. I had the privilege this past summer to be the Project Director to an SCSC team to Jamaica, which was the result of the ... Read More

Focus Article – Would You Reject a Toddler’s Flower? (Sabbath Recorder, October 2016)

I was struck by something on the roadway as I was driving back from dropping off my wife, Beth, so she could participate as a project director at Summer Christian Service Corp training this past June. I was not hit by a deer, though I ... Read More

Focus Article – Whose Plan is it Anyway? (Sabbath Recorder, Sep 2016)

by Steve Osborn, Pastor SDB Church, Boulder, CO Pastor Dave Stall told me, “One of the most important things in visiting Ethiopia is to be flexible.” Boy, was he ever right! We had plans — and good ones. But God had better ones. Our plan ... Read More

Focus Article – Equipped for the Battle in Zambia and at Home (Sabbath Recorder, July 2016)

07/06/2016 Our 2016 General Conference President, Dr. Ken Chroniger has set a theme of Faith, Family, andEducation.  As you may have noted, the Missionary Society has been receiving and helping respond to many in our Family of Faith asking for help with their need for ... Read More