The corona virus may require adjustments to many aspects of our lives, but it does not mean everything has to stop. So alternative plans were made and the leadership training took place virtually. ... Read More

Respond to COVID-19 with FAITH, OBEDIENCE & LOVE

At the Seventh Day Baptist Missionary Society, we are taking the pandemic seriously and urge all our brothers and sisters around the world to do the same. ... Read More

Focus Article: Ye All Are Going To Die (Sabbath Recorder, March 2018)

Maybe not this week or next, but if Jesus’ return does not preempt your time here, then your body in this broken world will fail and you will stop being counted among the living. We often try to pretend otherwise despite the regular reminders and ... Read More

Bejjani and Brown to Poland / Lebanon  

Gabriel Bejjani, pastor of Riverside SDB and Clint Brown, Missionary Society’s Executive Director are preparing to travel to Poland and Lebanon Oct 5-19, 2017 as ambassadors of the SDB global family. Pastor Gabriel traveling with his wife Hayat will then extend his trip into parts ... Read More

The Gospel for Rio 2016

06/18/2015 A team of SDBs are planning to travel to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2016 to share the gospel with people who will gather from all parts of the earth for the Olympic Games. The plan is to direct new converts and enquires to ... Read More

Focus Article – Putting First Things First (Sabbath Recorder 1/15)

01/02/2015 The New Year is often a time that people reflect on the direction their life has been headed and look at their goals for the coming year. Establishing goals is an effective early step to accomplish the things that we feel are important. However, ... Read More