Let us Join in the International Day for the Unreached

May 31st is the International Day for the Unreached, a day designated to bring attention to the desperate spiritual need of the 3.19 billion people (41% of the world population) who are living and dying without ever hearing the gospel. ... Read More

Bangladesh & India Mission Update

Chief Executive Director Andy Samuels and Pastor Wayne North safely returned from their mission to Bangladesh and India, and reported success. ... Read More

Unity in the Philippine SDB Family

With 3 separate Conferences, they agreed to form an umbrella ... Read More

India SDBs Thankful for Support (Manipur)

SDBs in Manipur, Northeast India, with support have been doing what little they can to spread the love of God in India. India is in South Asia and is the world’s second-most populous country, with a population of 1.34 billion. It will take a great ... Read More

Tiny Hearts Of Hope May Monthly Newsletter | Poem

We pause to share a poem from a missionary based organization – Tiny Hearts of Hope Tiny Hearts of Hope is a 501 (c)(3) Organization whose mission is to bring hope to those children throughout Southeast Asia that are forgotten about while staring in the ... Read More

PRAYER REQUEST – Heat Wave causing Deaths in India

Prayer is being requested for the nation of India, as they experience a period of excessively hot weather that is resulting in many persons being hospitalized and even dying. Our SDB brethren in Andhra Pradesh, India are being affected and are requesting prayer. “We are now ... Read More

India SDBs Seek Prayers due to Floods

Flooding in Andhra Pradesh
LETTER FROM GENERAL SECRETARY: 9/23/2016 Greetings to you in His most exalted name. By His grace and mercies and by your continued prayers. I am compelled to bring to your kind notice about the tragic devastation caused by the recent heavy downpour and rain due ... Read More

Unity & God’s Will – The Philippines

05/26/2016 It is always exciting to see what God is doing around the world! Seventh Day Baptists in the Philippines are again poised for growth.  SDB brothers and sisters are now in all the main island groups.  Particularly exciting is the work in Mindanao, reaching ... Read More

Bejjani’s Continued Ministry – Lebanon

5/12/2016 Gabriel Bejjani, Pastor at Riverside SDB Church, and his wife Hayat made another missions trip to Lebanon in Nov 2015. Their ministry in the predominantly Muslim nation has been primarily to refugees from Iraq and Syria, with the support of SDBs. They returned from ... Read More

SDB Pastors’ Conference in the Philippines

04/15/2016 The United SDB Churches in The Philippines is requesting special prayer for their upcoming National Pastors’ Conference to be held at Tabuan SDB Church, Bayawan City, Negros Orriental, on April 18-20,2016. Michael Spearl, Pastor of Bradenton Seventh Day Baptist Church, FL, US will travel to Philippines as their ... Read More