Burundi Thanks and Baptisms


This week I received messages from the Seventh Day Baptist in the small African country of Burundi. Their lead pastor, Gilbert Nduwayo, reported that they had an evangelistic crusade in the Bubanza Province of western Burundi on August 1st of this year. They considered it a great victory for the LORD because over seventy believers were baptized in the Mpanda River and joined the local congregation.

Brother Gilbert also wanted to express the appreciation of our brothers and sisters of the GITAZA SDB congregation. The donations and other provisions form God that gave been received has helped the work well along toward completing this new worship facility

As we encourage them, please pray that our brethren in Burundi will continue  to see these conversions and new facilities as just a first step in God’s plan for discipling believers to His glory as He leads in these Burundi communities and beyond.

Your donations are helping change lives around the world!

Clinton R. Brown, Executive Director

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