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New Chief Executive Director

We are pleased to congratulate Andrew Samuels for his new position as Chief Executive Director of the Missionary Society.  We are excited to have Pastor Andy join Missionary Society as a full time employee effective March 1st, 2019. Samuels will be stepping away from his ... Read More

Focus Article: I Prayed for the Wrong Thing (Sabbath Recorder, Mar 2019)

I was a quiet and considerate little boy.  I kept to myself mostly in elementary school and, as is many times the case, fell victim to antagonism and threats from playground bullies.  Typically, I did not cower so after some blustering they would generally move ... Read More

Uganda Flood Recovery Update

Daniel Lubuto, leader of the Uganda SDB Conference wrote that the children have gone back to schools.  Thanks to your help a lot of needs were met including books now and initially with medical attention, food, mosquito nets and temporary shelter.  They have been placing ... Read More

Ecuador Young Adult Mission July 2019

Our SDB brothers and sisters in Ecuador are requesting assistance with their summer youth outreach programs. PROJECT: EVANGELISM AND CHRIST DISCIPLESHIP TO CHILDREN IN IMPOVERISHED COMMUNITY TENTATIVE DATES: JULY 18 – 28, 2019 LOCATION: QUITO, ECUADOR SPANISH LANGUAGE YOUNG ADULT TEAM: – COLLEGE AGE – ... Read More

2019 Church Global Missions Award

Since 2017 we have had an annual competition among our congregations to see who can raise the most funds to support the work of the Missionary Society on our global mission to make disciples of all nations and teach them all that Jesus commanded. Thus ... Read More

Focus Article: Serving as a University Campus Missionary (Sabbath Recorder, Feb 2019)

I am planning to make a major change in what I anticipate to be the next phase of my life. I am a senior at Fairmont State University in West Virginia and will be graduating in May of 2019 with a degree in Graphic Design. ... Read More