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Petersen Spring 2017 Update  

Patty Petersen has been serving the SDB Spanish-speaking church plant, the Iglesia Bautista del Séptimo Día (IBS Dia), from 2016 and since Jan 2017 as Assistant Pastor. She reports in her spring update that her weekly ministry has been going well: evangelism tables, home Bible ... Read More

Child Donation for Orphans

The Missionary Society got a heartwarming response to the request for donations to help orphans transition into adoptive families in Africa. Colleen, daughter of Chris & Joanna Bond (Marlboro SDB church, NJ) raised funds and wrote a note to adoptive parents to accompany her donation. ... Read More

A Walk through Life on Mission – Part 5

Introduction The Gospel (Chapter 5) marks the beginning of the second of three sections on the journey through the book, Life On Mission. The authors kick off section two – Gospel Foundations – positing that “A life on mission is a calling of abandonment. It ... Read More

Church Missions Award – FINAL MONTH  

Since the launch of the special Church Fund Raising Campaign March 15th, we have been getting some positive responses. One response came from a representative of the Shiloh SDB church, NJ informing us that they were starting a Penny War to support the campaign and ... Read More

Prayer Request – Johnson and Brown in AFRICA

Prayer is being requested for Rev. David Johnson (Pastor of the SDB Sabbath Chapel, GA, which is a small daughter congregation of the Metro Atlanta SDB Church) and Clint Brown (Executive Director of the SDB Missionary Society) who are presently in Sierra Leone and will ... Read More

MS New Board & Vision Meeting

Danny Lee, Levi Bond and Miriam Berg were returned as Presidents of the SDB Missionary Society at the March 2017 annual Board meeting.  Mark Lewis (Treasurer), Clinton Brown (Exec. Director) and Kathleen Hughes (Secretary) complete the Exec. Committee. Special welcome to three new Board members: ... Read More

Focus Article – WHOSE KINGDOM ARE WE BUILDING? (Sabbath Recorder, April 2017)

This is the heart of the question we were contemplating with our SDB brethren in the Cayman Islands as they shared their vision for a permanent Seventh Day Baptist presence on Grand Cayman. The challenge is that those in the group there are primarily Jamaican ... Read More