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FINAL CALL | Guyana Medical Mission 2017

For anyone thinking of joining this mission, we really need you to inquire now.  The Medical Missions Trip to Guyana is scheduled for July 20-28, 2017.  The emphasis is on screening and prevention for Diabetes related illnesses. Though there is room for more nurses, doctors, ... Read More

Jamaican Students Join SCSC 2017

The Women’s Board continue their partnership with the Missionary Society to offer added international missions focus to the Summer Christian Service Corps (SCSC) program. Two Jamaicans will join SDB young people of the US & Canada Conference this summer in dedicated service to the Lord.   ... Read More

A Walk through Life on Mission – Part 4

Introduction Kingdom Realignment (Chapter 4) brings us to the end of section 1 The Big picture. The Authors introduce the point that Adam and Eve chose to be king and queen of their own kingdom rather than joyfully submitting to the authority of God as ... Read More

Brazil Ministers to Africa SDBs

The Brazilian SDB women at their retreat last August, were inspired to  start a project called “Clothes and Letters to Africa”, to attend to the needs of children in Africa. The women made dresses and t-shirts to be sent to children of SDB churches in Africa, ... Read More

A Walk through Life on Mission – Part 3

Introduction Strolling through Chapter 3 The Mission of God, caused me to reflect on God’s mission. What is it? And why we should join Him on it? God’s heart is perceived as one desiring to bring blessings to all people, as part of the invitation ... Read More

Rwanda Hymnals Update

On February 11, 2017 SDBs in Rwanda, for the first time, were able to have worship with their own hymnals. This was realized with the support of SDBs in Burundi , Tanzania & Uganda, as well as the SDB Missionary Society. They were able to ... Read More

A Walk through Life on Mission – Part 2

Introduction In chapter one, entitled Everyday Missionary, it was explained that our role as Christians is to join God on mission. As we go about our daily lives, we ought to be introducing people to Jesus and teaching them to repeat that process with others. ... Read More

Church Global Missions Award Reminder / Idea

This is a reminder that the Society is inviting Churches to support a special Church FUND RAISING CAMPAIGN FOR MISSIONS March 15th – May 15th, 2017. The goal is to raise $40,000 to help spread the gospel to every corner of the globe. Each church ... Read More

Focus Article – STOP PRAYING FOR ME (Sabbath Recorder, March 2017)

I recently returned from having the opportunity to visit with some Seventh Day Baptist brothers and sisters in the Cayman Islands. This was late January, so I was not too disappointed that I needed to visit them while the temperatures were plummeting in Rhode Island. ... Read More

Guyana Medical Mission 2017 Reminder

This is a reminder of the Medical Missions Trip to Guyana for July 21-28, 2017. A significant focus will be on addressing Diabetes related illnesses. There may be opportunity for you to join this 10-12 member team to Guyana. The team is coming together with ... Read More