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Missionary Reporter 2016 4th Quarter

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Residence Near Completion – Burundi

Last year the Burundi SDB Conference took the decision to build a residence for their General Secretary (GS), who had many challenges with the place he was renting, including very high costs. Additionally he was given notice to leave by early 2017. The Conference committed ... Read More

Guyana Medical Mission 2017

Members of the Washington DC SDB Church, Avis Kelly & Elnora Andres, pressed by the great need in Guyana and prompted by the Holy Spirt are planning a medical missions trip to Guyana for July 21-28, 2017. A significant focus will be addressing Diabetes related ... Read More

Cameroon Mission for Compassion

The donations we received last year helped the Society regularly send funds to SDBs in the Cameroons and they have been reporting on the ministry works made possible by our supporters. In December 2016 they had a two day Mission of compassion in the Ebubu; ... Read More

Focus Article – Three Little Churches: A Cautionary Tale (Sabbath Recorder, January 2017)

Once upon a time, I took trip to do some ministry work in an economically challenged developing world country. While there I met another man on mission named Brian Winzenried. Brian shared that he made regular visits to the land where I was visiting and ... Read More