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365 Supporter Club Membership

As you consider how you are going to prioritize your life and ministry in the coming year, please consider a new 365 Supporter Membership in the Seventh Day Baptist Missionary Society. The 365 Supporter Members show their commitment to support the ministry of SDB Missions ... Read More

Missions Workshop Weekend

One objective of the Missionary Society is to help equip members of the US & Canada Conference to spread the gospel to all the earth. To that end a Missions Workshop is being offered over a weekend and will cover four areas: (1) God’s Mission ... Read More

PRAYER ALERT: Snake Bites Evangelist In Sierra Leone

Pastor Morie and Evangelist Lavalie who were assigned to a new group of believers in Sierra Leone were involved in what could have been a fatal incident. Evangelist Lavalie was bitten by a snake on the side of his face while sleeping. He was rush ... Read More

Visitation Report of Myanmar, India (Manipur)

The Missionary Society received a query from one of our churches asking if there was a work in Myanmar, India that is seeking to reach villages where Jesus is not known.  We communicated with SDBs in Manipur, India about possible villages that could be targeted ... Read More

Uganda Orphan Update

Last week we received a message from an SDB member in southern California wondering if there was still orphan’s ministry with SDBs in Uganda.  Our Executive Director was able to call back to let her know that indeed our Ugandan brethren still have several ministries ... Read More

Focus Article – MISSIONS: A CATALYST TO SPIRITUAL GROWTH (Sabbath Recorder, December 2016)

Travelling to another country, living with and proclaiming the Gospel to unfamiliar people can be scary and difficult but usually purpose-filled. I had the privilege this past summer to be the Project Director to an SCSC team to Jamaica, which was the result of the ... Read More

Patty’s Fall 2016 Ministry Update

Since January this year Patty Petersen has been serving the SDB Spanish-speaking church plant, the Iglesia Bautista del Séptimo Día, in Auburn, WA and reports, “it has been a busy and fruitful time”. She expresses gratitude for continuing prayers and support. Among the activities Patty ... Read More