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200 Club 2017 Missions Prayer Calendar

The 2017 Missions Prayer Calendar will be mailed out, as our gift, to existing and new 200 Club Members. In the calendar, each month features a region where SDBs are ministering, their challenges, and specific ways to hold them up in prayer. The twelve regions ... Read More

India SDBs Seek Prayers due to Floods

Flooding in Andhra Pradesh
LETTER FROM GENERAL SECRETARY: 9/23/2016 Greetings to you in His most exalted name. By His grace and mercies and by your continued prayers. I am compelled to bring to your kind notice about the tragic devastation caused by the recent heavy downpour and rain due ... Read More

Refugees in Uganda & Tanzania

Conflicts in South Sudan and Burundi have resulted in thousands of people, including SDBs, to seek refuge in Uganda & Tanzania. Approximately 70,000 people have crossed the South Sudanese border into Uganda since fighting erupted in the capital, Juba, ( Also more than 250,000 people ... Read More

Help Construct Worship Centers

SDBs around the world are laboring to build and establish worship centers, as they seek to bring God’s glory to their communities. In Burundi they have started on a plan to make 150,000 baked building bricks; 30,000 to be used to build a house for ... Read More

Zambia Training Final Lap

We are on the final lap of this relay race, Zambian TIME (Training In Ministry by Extension) program, training English speaking Pastors and Leaders. Over the last two years 5 teams travelled to Zambia and covered 10 modules: Biblical Interpretation & Beliefs, Old & New ... Read More

Rwanda Flooding Recovery Report 2016

REPORT OF MINISTRY OF FLOOD RECOVERY PROJECT, 2016 INTRODUCTION This report is for the second phase of flood recovery project Ministry, 2016. The report is not final because this concerns only food; but there is another part of the help we have oriented in home ... Read More

Give For Disaster Relief

Our Brethren in various parts of the world; especially on the African continent need our help to minister in the face of natural and not-so-natural disasters that have disrupted lives in their communities and exceed their ability to cope using their own resources. SDBs in ... Read More

Focus Article – Whose Plan is it Anyway? (Sabbath Recorder, Sep 2016)

by Steve Osborn, Pastor SDB Church, Boulder, CO Pastor Dave Stall told me, “One of the most important things in visiting Ethiopia is to be flexible.” Boy, was he ever right! We had plans — and good ones. But God had better ones. Our plan ... Read More