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Eviction of Monrovia SDB Congregation, Liberia

6/24/2016 Josiah K. Pah, pastor of the House of Worship SDB Church in Monrovia, reports that a property dispute between different parties that were acting as landlords has led to eviction from their worship and training facilities.  Their benches and classroom chalk boards were removed ... Read More

Are You the Next Missionary?

06/12/2014 SDBs have always been a missions minded people. In 1664 Stephen Mumford migrated to Newport, RI, from England and was instrumental in the start of the 1st SDB Church in the US. In the 1700s the number of SDB churches multiplied and at the ... Read More


06/09/2016 The annual 5K run/walk at General Conference is geared towards raising funds to aid with missions. This year, funds raised will again go towards the project started last year, training SDB Leaders and Pastors in Zambia. Last year, from participants and supporters $4,700 was ... Read More

Focus Article – END OF THE ROAD IN MOZAMBIQUE (Sabbath Recorder, June 2016)

06/06/2016           I will not soon forget the night in Mozambique I was driving down a roadway and the highway disappeared. It was April of 2016 and we had been visiting African SDB churches that day in the Milange District within ... Read More

Potable Water in Akayange, Rwanda

06/01/2016 SDBs in Akayange, Rwanda are now celebrating their newly commissioned water well, to provide them and their immediate neighbors with drinkable water. In 2015, due to the lack of uncontaminated water in Akayange village, the SDB churches in Rwanda sought partnerships to providing a ... Read More