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Missions Article – THE “KENYAN KONNECTION” REVISITED (Sabbath Recorder, May 2016)

05/31/2016 In June of 2015 I had the privilege of being part of a missions trip to Kenya. I want to share with you God’s good hand in this so that you may rejoice in what He is doing in this world; reflect on what ... Read More

SDBs Suffering From Flooding In Rwanda

05/27/2016         The people in Rwanda are suffering from flooding they experienced in April this year that caused much damage: Some bridges were washed away by the strong current waters, landslides onto roadways and destruction of houses & fields. These floods have ... Read More

Unity & God’s Will – The Philippines

05/26/2016 It is always exciting to see what God is doing around the world! Seventh Day Baptists in the Philippines are again poised for growth.  SDB brothers and sisters are now in all the main island groups.  Particularly exciting is the work in Mindanao, reaching ... Read More


05/23/2016 Below is an excerpt from a letter which inspires praise and prayers, it is from a leader in the Tanzanian SDB Conference: “Glorious Kingdom Greetings. The visit to Kigoma Region (of Tanzania) between April 20th to 24th realised the incorporation of two Sunday Baptists ... Read More

Tribute to a Returned Missionary gone to Glory

05/17/2016 Rev. David Pearson, age 84 of Aragon, Georgia, passed away Tuesday, May 10, 2016.  David was called to the mission field in 1954 with his beloved wife Betty.  Their ministry was in what was then Nyasaland, but later renamed Malawi by their final time ... Read More

Focus Article – IS IT SAFE TO GO ON MISSIONS? (Sabbath Recorder, May 2016)

05/16/2016 A couple weeks ago I was getting my hair cut at our downtown barbershop in Westerly, RI. I had opted for my usual barber and was having one of our normal conversations about travel, missions, and following Jesus in different cultures. Suddenly, the barber ... Read More

Bejjani’s Continued Ministry – Lebanon

5/12/2016 Gabriel Bejjani, Pastor at Riverside SDB Church, and his wife Hayat made another missions trip to Lebanon in Nov 2015. Their ministry in the predominantly Muslim nation has been primarily to refugees from Iraq and Syria, with the support of SDBs. They returned from ... Read More

Visiting SDBs in Mozambique – April 2016

05/11/2016  The Executive Director of the Missionary Society, Clint Brown and Douglas Machado, of the Brazilian SDB conference were visiting with SDBs in Mozambique. Because the official language there is Portuguese, Douglas went as a translator as well as providing photographic support and insights. Posted ... Read More

Focus Article – EMPOWERING KEERA KENYA (Sabbath Recorder, April 2016)

05/09/2016 Many years ago, Audrey and Menzo Fuller, former Seventh Day Baptist missionaries to Africa, inspired me to dedicate my retirement years to missionary work. So it was with both humility and excitement that I was privileged to participate in Pastor Steven James’s mission trip ... Read More


05/05/2016 Joel and Laura Sutton are now towards the end of the second of their four year missions ministry in Haiti.  They have settled in their ministries, while still learning more about the people, their culture and language. They report – “The last year or ... Read More