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Mission: South Africa and Mozambique

02/29/2016 The Seventh Day Baptist Missionary Society is planning a visit to the Seventh Day Baptist churches in South Africa and Mozambique. On this trip the Executive Director of the Missionary Society, Clint Brown will be accompanied by Douglas Machado, a TIME student and co-leader ... Read More

The Great News – Nicaragua

02/26/2016     The Corn Island SDB ministry, in a Latin American community off mainland Nicaragua, is acquiring land to build a children’s center. In November 2015 they were able to purchase a 50 x 100 feet lot cash for $8,000.00, through tithe, contributions from ... Read More

New Beginning Activities – Philippines

02/26/2016 The Grace Seventh Day Baptist Church in Minnesota has recently started helping a startup SDB church in Manila, Philippines and Pastor Greg Olson and his wife will be travelling to the Philippines to participate in the opening of that church.  Please pray for: Safe ... Read More

Prayer Needed: Liberian SDBs Among Community Now Homeless

02/19/2016 The Missionary Society received word from Liberia SDB Churches that an SDB Congregation was a part of a community comprising of over one hundred and fifty thousands (150,000) persons that was destroyed leaving them homeless. It was further explained that the government of Liberia ... Read More

Ministry Help Thanks – India

02/18/2016  The leaders and members of the Telugu SDB Conference in Andhra Pradesh, India send their appreciation for the laptop and Bibles they obtained from donations received by the Missionary Society. They are now better able to communicate with the global body of SDB believers ... Read More

Mission Accomplished – Gambella Ethiopia

02/17/2016   The team of David Stall, John Pethtel, Steve Osborn and their translator accomplished their mission in Gambela, Ethiopia and have returned home safely. Praise God! Their mission was a follow-up to one in 2014 that constructed the first SDB church building in Ethiopia and ... Read More

Water Well for SDBs – Rwanda

02/10/2016 The SDB Conference of Rwanda is seeking partners towards providing a water well to supply SDBs in Akayange, Rwanda and immediate neighbors with drinkable water. Many people in the Akayange area are getting sick from consuming contaminated water. It is believed that when this ... Read More

Zambia Training Update

02/04/2016 The Zambian TIME (Training In Ministry by Extension) program, a joint effort between that Conference and the Society, is at the half way mark with encouraging results. The 6 completed modules covered: Biblical Interpretation & Beliefs, Old & New Testament Survey, Church Leadership & ... Read More

Focus Article – The Narrow Path in Burundi (Sabbath Recorder Feb 2016)

02/01/2016 Sitting with the Seventh Day Baptist leaders in Bujumbura, Burundi, we talked and prayed about the struggles of doing ministry in their country. Neither the pastor that came with me nor I had little that compared with their challenges in our own ministries. However, ... Read More