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Roofs Campaign – Congo Churches

01/29/2015 A campaign is being launched to raise $10,360 for roofing five churches in the DR Congo with iron sheeting. In the past, through SDB partnerships many churches in Africa, including Congo, were assisted to construct church buildings with metal roofs. Glory be to God! Once ... Read More

Perspective on Perspectives – Personal Insights on Study

1/23/2015 Perspectives on the World Christian Movement (Perspectives) is a fifteen week course about the global purpose of Christians, designed around four vantage points or “perspectives” – Biblical, Historical, Cultural and Strategic. The course has the objective of opening the eyes of Christians to the ... Read More

Flooding Badly Affecting SDBs in Malawi

1/20/2015 We are asked to pray for SDBs in Southern Malawi, they are being affected by Severe flooding. We got word that our Brethren in the Lower Shire valley, Southern Malawi are being affected by floods. The BBC News report that more than 170 people ... Read More

Gospel Feet Bikes (Campaign Concludes) – DR Congo

1/16/2015 The remainder of the 2013 Gospel Feet funds raised were distributed in a partnering project with the Congolese SDBs.  This was the group that started the project and it is fitting that they should also be the ones to put the remaining funds to ... Read More

Africa SDBs Face Civil Unrest

01/09/2015 Fighting in Burundi forces Seventh Day Baptists from their homes and places of worship near the border of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The attack in Burundi comes ahead of a crucial presidential and parliamentary vote scheduled for May and June. On the ... Read More

Missions Series #12 – Next Steps

01/08/2015 As we have worked our way through the Bible, focusing on God’s heart for all nations, I hope you have become convicted that it is each believer’s responsibility and privilege to be actively involved in some way. But what does that mean for your ... Read More

Focus Article – Putting First Things First (Sabbath Recorder 1/15)

01/02/2015 The New Year is often a time that people reflect on the direction their life has been headed and look at their goals for the coming year. Establishing goals is an effective early step to accomplish the things that we feel are important. However, ... Read More

173rd (2014) Annual Report

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Missionary Reporter 2014 4th Quarter

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