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SDBs Join Hands Building – Zambia

12/30/2014 In 2013 the Zambia SDB Conference requested assistance from the Missionary Society to roof four new SDB church buildings with iron sheeting. The Society accepted the challenge and partnering with others SDBs the project is now near completion, only one roof is outstanding. Glory ... Read More

Missions Series #11 – Summary

12/22/2014 As we learned in the first study, the Bible is mostly about God and His glory. From the very beginning, God intended to reveal His glory – or to make known His nature and character – among every people group in the world. GOD COMMISSIONS ... Read More

Focus Article – The Missionaries Have Not Come (Sabbath Recorder 12/14)

12/19/2014 In the northern region of Zambia, not far from the boarder of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, there are about twenty-two Seventh Day Baptist congregations. Some groups have well over a hundred and other groups are as small as a dozen. They come ... Read More

An Update from the Suttons in Haiti

12/18/2014 “Yes, we are alive and well, and we are definitely in Haiti!  Thanks be to God who is our rock, our provider, and our sustainer. First, let me say that moving to a foreign country requires a substantial transition time even if you’ve visited ... Read More

Support SDB Missions with Amazon Smile :)

12/18/2014 I encourage patronizing local retailers, making connections and supporting your community by buying local, but if you need to get something online and use Amazon.  Why not have .5% of your purchase go to SDB Missions?  And it does not cost you anything. Just ... Read More

The Work of the Society pt. 1

12/09/2014 The Seventh Day Baptist (SDB) Missionary Society in existence since 1842, exists as the “Missionary Branch” of the SDB community in the United States and Canada. As an independent agency, the Society endeavors to serve SDBs in North America and worldwide. With nineteen board ... Read More

Missions Series #10 – Misc. The New Testament

12/2/2014 We saw last time that Paul was eager to carry the good news of Christ to those peoples who had not yet heard. This week, we will see how the fulfillment of the Gospel is the glorification of God in all people groups. Let’s ... Read More