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Roofs For Burundi Meeting Houses

11/26/2014 Two well-needed meeting houses are being constructed by the Burundi SDB Conference for their brethren in Rugeregere and Rwestero. The walls of these churches are already erected of clay bricks and now assistance of $1,610 is being solicited for iron-sheet roofing. This building project ... Read More

Gospel Feet 5k Update – Tanzania

12/18/2014 Funds from the Gospel Feet 5k – 2014 have been making an impact in Tanzania, Africa. Twenty-two (22) young men of the age range of 12-17 were outfitted with soccer shoes and gears, as SDBs in Tanzania venture into a youth soccer ministry. “Football ... Read More

Missions Series #9 – Paul

11/18/2014 In the last Study, we focused on how the work of the early church put a high value on glorifying God among all nations. This time, we will see how Paul also placed an emphasis on glorifying God – revealing or demonstrating His nature and ... Read More

People of Experience in Missions

11/13/2014 Having worked for many years and now retiring you may be asking, “Is there a need for my talents and experience, at this stage of my life?” – The answer is YES! There may be a place for you in the missions field. Are ... Read More

Missions Series #8 – The Early Church

11/04/2014 We learned last time that in the Great Commission, Jesus gave the command to “go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:18). This is a command to glorify God – to reveal or demonstrate His nature and character – among all the people ... Read More