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Ministry Allies Help Flood Victims

08/27/2014 After news came from Brazilian Pastor, Jonas Sommer, of the devastation suffered by over 800 families in Porto União, Brazil – caused by flooding in June 2014 – SDB Ministry Allies joined forces to get aid to flood victims. The cooperative effort of the ... Read More

Missions Study Series #3 – The Exodus and the Ten Commandments

08/19/2014 STUDY ON MISSIONS THEOLOGY by Miriam Berg BIBLE STUDY We have seen how God purposed to be glorified among all nations through creation and His covenant with Abraham. Now let’s look at how He made His name great among the nations through the Exodus ... Read More

SDBs Deployed

8/13/2014 THE TIME HAS ARRIVED Joel and Laura Sutton depart on September 5, 2014 for Haiti  Using their own resources and with growing support they are now in the final stage of preparation for their four year missions trip. Joel, a retired teacher, will serve ... Read More

Gospel Feet 5k 2014 – Off and Running

8/7/2014 Preliminary results of the SDB Conference Gospel Feet 5K fundraiser are in… Gospel Feet 5K run/walk for missions was off and running on Wednesday morning of Conference 2014. Forty-nine participants laced up their running shoes for the event with their own donations or the ... Read More

Missions Study Series #2 – God’s Promises to Abraham

STUDY ON MISSIONS THEOLOGY by Miriam Berg  08/05/2014 BIBLE STUDY It’s easy to focus on the blessings we want for ourselves and our family. We often appreciate the fact that God has blessed us in many ways without stopping to ask the question why. When we look deep ... Read More