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Guyana Leaders Need Training Support

03/27/2014  The Guyana SDB Conference, in February 2014, celebrated 100 years of existence and has taken another step to better equip leaders for ministry. Four (4) of their leaders have enrolled in the SDB Jamaica Bible Institute, Time Program, but are having financial challenges. One ... Read More

Engaging Youth In Missions

03/20/2014 To address the need for our youth to be active in missions, the Missionary Society is creating a program for short term youth missions projects. Plans are underway for a pilot program. The Missionary Society will coordinate the project for the young people of ... Read More

Mission Ethiopia 2014 – A Success

03/12/2014 The February 2014 mission to Gambella, Ethiopia – to provide training and build the first SDB church in Ethiopia – was successful. To God be the glory! Many thought it was impossible to erect such a building in the three (3) week duration of ... Read More

Focus Article: Missions on Remote Control (Sabbath Recorder 3/14)

3/1/2014 Garfield Miller’s visa application was denied. The letter told us we could make an appeal, but the lawyers told us it would not do much good. We knew Garfield was the man for the job, so why was he not allowed to leave Jamaica ... Read More