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Philippines Report on Aftermath

Extend our thanks from the Philippines SDB Conference to all those that have generously prayed and sent contributions to help the victims of the Typhoon Sendong which struck in mid-December. Mercifully, none of the Seventh Day Baptist congregations reported great damage to their places of ... Read More

Verona’s Mission to Kenya

2/12/2012 Steven James, pastor of the Verona Seventh Day Baptist Church in Verona, NY is preparing for a mission to Africa. The plan is to send Steven to visit Kenya to team up with Pastor Benard Mose and help in Benard’s SDB Conference there. For ... Read More

Typhoon Strikes Philippines Conference

Entire villages were washed away as Sendong (Washi) pummeled south Philippines in the early hours of the Sabbath, leaving a trail of flattened homes, broken bridges and upended vehicles in the poverty-stricken country. In southern Mindanao, a region unaccustomed to typhoons, Sendong killed more than ... Read More